Ecological Highlights

Natural conditions, geographical location and biological diversity make Mexico an ideal place for ecotourism. There are several sites throughout the country with the perfect landscape, climate, flora and fauna for this. Visiting these sites is a fascinating experience, since Mexico boasts the world’s sixth largest range of biodiversity.

Playa Maya Yucatan radiates with the invigorating freshness of an unspoiled natural area. Much of the surrounding land is a wildlife reserve, which is home to as many as 18,000 magnificent pink flamingos. Tours of the Flamingo National Park are available daily at the Celestun Tourism Centre. These guided tours of the reserve estuary allow visitors to sit back and enjoy one of the most magnificent displays of flamingos and natural beauty on the planet.

Bird watchers and admirers from around the world will be able to appreciate numerous breeds of exotic and rare birds from the comfort of private terraces. Pelicans are a common sight, and be sure to be on the lookout for migrating Canada Geese. Playa Maya’s beachfront is also home to breeding grounds for Mexico’s famous giant sea turtles. For that reason, during the summer breeding season, selected sections of the beach are closed off to ensure that absolutely no turtles are disturbed during the breeding process. Nests will be identified and guests of Playa Maya Yucatan will be able to quietly observe the breeding and nesting process.

Temperatures at Playa Maya range annually from 20°C to 33°C, with an average of 27°C. The temperatures in Celestun are very similar to those in Cozumel or Cancun. Celestun, about 6 kilometers south of Playa Maya Yucatan, is well known in the Yucatan as a peaceful, picturesque fishing village. Fishing enthusiasts will be able to spend long days casting their lines into the Gulf of Mexico on one of the available chartered fishing boats. There is also good fishing right off the Playa Maya pier!

Mexico’s archaeological sites are amongst the most impressive in the world. Over 11,000 sites are scattered throughout the country. During your stay at Playa Maya Yucatan, be sure to drop in to the Celestun Tourism Centre where you will be able to visit and explore the great splendors of the mighty Mayan Civilization. The complete name of Playa Maya Yucatan is “The Eco-touristic Development of Playa Maya”. And true to our name, ecology will always come first.